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Skin Care Bundle for HIM & HER

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Pacinos Skin Care Bundle for HIM & HER


  • Beard & Face Scrub Cleanser - Our beard and face scrub exfoliates the skin with infused micro particles made or natural coconut, bamboo and walnut particles. It also contains skin moisturizing Aloe Vera and tea tree so that you get your beard and face spotless without over-drying. 


  • Under Eye Gel Patch - Our eye patches are rich in Vitamin E, B5, Essential Oils and Natural Ingredients that promote collagen production, microcirculation, increasing skin, detoxification, increasing skin firmness and elasticity.  These eye gel patches help eliminate eye bags, soothes wrinkles and help brighten dark areas.

  • Charcoal Infused Black Mask - Our charcoal black mask peel helps promote smoother looking skin by clearing out the pores allowing them to close properly.  Simply apply a thin layer on desired area, let it dry for 15-20 minutes, and peel off slowly starting from the edges. 

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