Beard Care Tips

Beard Care Tips

The best way to keep your beard looking great is to maintain it. Creating a standard routine and patience can make your appearance look completely more professional and clean. Here are some beard care tips on how to make sure your beard looks the best it can.

#1 Washing your face and beard properly.

If you want your beard to look healthy, smooth, and well-formed, you must clean it regularly. Washing it regularly helps remove dead skin cells that can cause acne and clog pores and make your hair dry. Pacinos Signature Line’s Beard & Face Scrub not only washes your beard and makes it feel smoother, but it also is infused with coconut, bamboo, and walnut micro-particles to provide a deeper clean; and Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil provide deep moisture that will leave skin spotless.


#2 Shaving and maintaining your beard cut precisely.

Beard Shaping and shaving helps achieve the desired level of stubble or fullness. Using the proper shaving techniques and products can help you out in the process. With that, Pacinos Shave Gel helps prepare the skin by providing skin conditioning while lifting the hair follicle allowing the razor to effortlessly glide across the skin for a perfectly smooth shave. Also, it keeps your skin feeling cool, refreshed, moisturized and free of irritation during and after the shave.


#3 Filling up some of the patches.

Whether you have a patchy beard or just want to make it appear fuller, by using Pacinos Signature Line’s Beard Pencil Filler, your beard will appear fuller and more uniform while still having a natural look. While the beard pencil achieves a clean, fuller and contoured appearance, it also has a formula that helps it last all day without smudging or fading throughout sweat.


#4 Finish off your beard by applying some beard oil.

By applying beard oil, your beard will be left feeling refreshed, manageable, and soft to the touch. Also, using beard oil daily helps get rid of the dreaded beardruff and promotes growth so your beard always appears fuller. Pacinos Signature Lines Beard Oil is formulated with essential oils such as argan, and tea tree oil to add a healthy, vivid shine to the beard and helps relieve itchiness sometimes associated with thicker beards.

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