The Guide to Smooth Shaving

The Guide to Smooth Shaving

Faces are the first thing people see and because of that it is important to make sure you look the best you can at all times to make a great first impression. Having a clean and smooth shaved face or a well groomed beard can benefit your appearance and make you look clean and put together. By having a simple shaving routine you can prevent undesirable problems like a rough or uneven shave, skin irritation, ingrown hairs, or razor cuts. We have put together a list of steps that we believe will help you achieve the best shaving results for both pros and beginners.

#1. Learn and know your face.

Being knowledgeable on how your beard hair grows will be a total game changer on the way you shave.

  • Making sure you know the direction in which your hair grows will help avoid razor bumps, burns, cuts and ingrown hairs.
  • With that being said, the direction in which your hair grows is also important because you want to make sure that you always shave with the grain and never against it
  • Even though shaving with the grain is a little more time consuming, it is the most comfortable way to have a close shave with reducing the chances of skin irritation.

#2. Preparing the face.

Having a clean canvas and preparing the face before starting to shave is as or more important than the actual shaving process.

  • First of all, it is recommended to shave during or after taking a shower because it hydrates the skin and softens the hair follicles for a smoother surface to shave on.
  • Also, starting your routine by using a face cleanser and scrub will help remove all of the dead skin, oil, and residue dirt that is left in your face. That will ultimately prepare the skin and minimize the possibilities of future ingrown hairs. 
  • Pacinos Beard & Beard Scrub exfoliates the skin and adds moisture to the beard and skin for a smooth face before or after shaving. It is also infused with Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil to provide deep moisture that will leave your skin spotless.

#3. Making sure you have the right tools.

Having the right tools that work for you will help you achieve the cleanest, most comfortable, and closest shave.
  • It is important to make sure you have the best and sharpest razor available. Having a sharp blade will not only help it glide on your skiing easier but it will help avoid skin irritation and razor burns while shaving.
  • Pacinos Stainless Steel Razor is designed with a 6 Sweden Stainless Steel Blade System that includes a lubricating Strip with Aloe & Vitamin E to protect your skin and prevent irritation. It also has an ergonomic designed metal handle & rubber grip for excellent control with an open back design for easy rinse.
  • Additionally, having the right shaving cream, gel or powder is very helpful. Whether you prefer cream, gel, or powder, make sure that it is suitable for your skin and hair type as it may affect the final result of your shave.
  • Pacinos Cooling Shave Gel makes sure your skin is  prepared by providing a superior skin conditioning while lifting the hair follicle, allowing the razor to effortlessly glide across the skin for a perfectly smooth shave. This cooling gel also keeps your skin feeling cool, refreshed, moisturized and free of irritation during and after the shave.

#4. Shaving with light strokes and washing your razor.

The right shaving technique includes:

  • Making sure you shave using light strokes is crucial as you never want to pull on your skin, that would only irritate your skin and cause ingrown hair to happen.
  • Letting the razor do the work and not pressing hard on your face is also key to having the smoothest shave, especially if your face is acne-prone. You want the razor to do the work for you and not damage your face in the process.
  • During the shaving process, you also want to make sure that you're using lukewarm water in order to maintain soft skin and also constantly washing your razor every 1-3 strokes, which will help minimize discomfort and a clean blade.

#6. Wash your face and moisturize.

After you're done removing all the hair, you're still not done.

  • In order to avoid any issues like the ones we mentioned before, making sure you're moisturizing and protecting your face is important.
  • Soothing and hydrating the skin will help your freshly shaved face to absorb nutrients and stay relieved.
  • Using a product like Pacinos Razor Bump Soother  with an antioxidant formula that treats ingrown hairs and razor bumps will help soothe and prevent razor bumps by relieving razor burn while helping refine your skin.

Having the perfect shaving routine is not about what works for others but about what works best for you. With the right tools that go hand in hand with your hair and skin type plus following the right technique there is no way to not have a comfortable and clean shave.

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