Millennial Man’s Guide to Beards

Millennials are well known for their use of media, digital technology, and online communication abilities. It’s not a surprise that millennials are creating their own unique style with beards. While men in 1960’s and 1970’s paved the way to stylish beards, millennials have taken it to a new level. If you already have a beard or you are planning to grow one, this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Find Your Style

Beards are being used to establish a style and exhibit a sense of persona just like clothes, shoes, cologne and accessories accomplish. There are more than 30 styles of beards with the option to create your own style. You can mix and match styles, mustaches, beards and lengths. The main focus is to choose a style that complements your overall look. If you are a conservative person that spends time in business meetings you should consider short sculpted beard styles. If you are a casual person that has a unique job that doesn’t force you to fit into a general standard, you have the freedom to choose any option.

Keep it Trimmed

Once you find the right beard style that suits your personality and lifestyle, you need to maintain the look by keeping it trimmed. A trim razor will most likely become your favorite tool when it comes to beard maintenance. It trims stray hairs easily and keeps your beard looking well-groomed and sculpted.

Shaving is Necessary

Unless you plan to allow your beard to grow wild and in every direction, there will be a time when you need to shave. Using a shaving gel such as Pacino's cooling shave gel helps keep your skin in good condition while experiencing a close shave. The location where you shave depends on the style of your beard. Generally, all beard styles require you to shave your neck area. Keeping the neck area clean shaven puts focus directly on the beard and presents a well-cared for style.

Shampoo and Condition Your Beard

You are probably already thinking this gets taken care of in the shower. But, there’s more to it when it comes to shampooing and conditioning your beard. Standard shampoos usually contain ingredients that can dry out delicate facial skin. This can lead to dandruff flakes invading your beard and embarrassing you throughout the day as you communicate face to face with others. Pacino’s helps prevent this embarrassment and by offering a 2N1 shampoo and conditioner. This popular duo removes debris and makes your beard look healthy.

Add Beard Oil

Applying oil to your beard provides added care that stimulates growth and regenerates hair follicles. Pacino’s beard oil also adds body and shine to your beard. It’s easy to use after a shower and provides excellent results you won’t be able to live without.

Focus on Your Neckline

The neckline is a common area most men overlook when growing a beard. Keeping the neck area shaved on a regular basis allows the focus to be placed on the beard. A clean-shaven neckline also complements a multitude of beard styles. Always use shave gel to help keep your skin in good condition.

Comb Your Beard

No matter what style beard you have it will attract a variety of debris such as food particles and liquids. Comb and brush your beard regularly to remove debris and present an overall clean look. Check out these beard tools to help you beard looking clean and proper.

Hide Imperfections

If you have a weak jawline or other imperfections you can grow a beard to disguise the issues and enhance your assets. Choosing a specific beard style to create a jawline requires frequent grooming, trimming, and upkeep. Disguising your flaws and emphasizing your assets will help boost your confidence.

Create Different Looks

Growing a beard provides unlimited access to changing your look. There are more than 30 beard styles to choose from. Some of the most popular styles are short stubble, full beard, goatee, French fork, ducktail, van dyke, garibaldi, and bandholz. You can shape and form your beard in any design or style you desire. You can change your look as frequently as you like or create a signature beard style and stick with it long term.

Seeking Help

Men are often deterred from growing a beard because they don’t know how to sculpt, design or care for it. Don’t let this stop you from becoming the best you. There are plenty of barbershops and salons located in communities across the United States that have qualified professionals to help you. Once you learn a few techniques and feel comfortable with the process, you can start caring for your beard alone or allow the professional to continue helping you. The decision is yours.

If you have damaged or sensitive skin you should consider visiting a dermatologist before growing a beard. It’s best to start with healthy skin. This will allow you to easily shave and trim without aggravating underlying skin issues. If you have razor bumps after shaving, checkout the video below for Pacinos Razor Bump Soother.


As you can see beards can help you create a new look, provide a fresh start, hide imperfections and flaws plus boost your confidence and self-esteem. Taking proper care of your beard is essential to creating a good look. Remember to shampoo, condition, apply oil, comb, trim, sculpt and shave on a regular basis. Your beard is attached to your face and everyone you come into contact with will see it. You want it to always look its best. Get started creating the look you want and caring for your beard with Pacino’s beard products and tools.