How to Find the Right Beard Type for Your Face Shape

Growing a beard is on every man’s wish list at some point in his life. Beards are known to allow a man to express his individual style and improve his confidence. There are a variety of beard styles to choose from. But before you just pick a favorite style, you need to know which one will suit your face shape the best. If you are ready to begin your journey of growing a beard, the following tips will guide you to choosing the right beard type for your face shape.

How to Find Your Face Shape

You will need a flexible measuring tape to determine your face shape. Begin by standing in front of a mirror and writing down each measurement as you go along.

How to Measure Your Face Length

Place the tape measure at the center of the hairline and guide it down towards the tip of your chin.

Measure Forehead


Place the tape measure on the peak of your eyebrow arch and stretch the tape across your forehead to the other eyebrow arch.

Measure Cheekbones

Place the tape measure at the pointiest corner of the eye and stretch it over to the other eye corner.

Measure Jawline

Place the tape measure at the tip of your chin and guide it to the point where your jaw angles upwards. Then multiply the measurement by two.

Determine Your Face Shape

Use your measurements to determine your face shape from the list below.

  • Square – Your face shape is square if you have a sharp angled jaw and the measurements of your face are similar to each other.
  • Oval – Your face is oval if you have a rounded jaw and the measurement of the face length is greater than the width of the cheekbones.
  • Round – Your face shape is round if the measurements of your face length and cheekbones are similar and the angle of your jaw is soft.
  • Diamond – You have a diamond face shape if you have a pointed chin and your measurements descend in the order of cheekbones, forehead, and jawline. Your face length measurement is the largest measurement.
  • Heart – You have a heart shaped face if you have a pointed chin and your forehead measurement is greater than the cheekbones and jawline.
  • Triangular – You have a triangular face shape if the measurements of your jawline are greater than your cheekbones.
  • Rectangle – You have a rectangle face shape if the measurement of your face length is the greatest and your cheekbones, forehead, and jawline are similar in size.

Best Beard Types for Your Face Shape

Consider the beard style options below for your specific face shape. These are excellent starting off styles for the first-time beard wearer. Always keep in mind there are a wide range of beard styles for each face shape that you can explore in the future.

Round Face Shape

Singer and fashion designer, Kanye West knows how to accent his round face shape with a short beard. This short beard enhances his jawline and chin. If you have a round face shape this beard style balances your features and creates a stronger jawline. 

Square Face Shape

Actor Brad Pitt is known for his different beard styles. But, this beard style complements his prominent square chin and jawline the best. If you have a square face shape this is an excellent option for you.

Oval Face Shape

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is famous for his acting abilities and his beard styles. The picture shown above is a complementary style for men with oval face shapes. You can choose to grow it longer or keep it shorter. 

Diamond Face Shape

Johnny Depp’s familiar goatee perfectly suits his diamond face shape. If you have a diamond face shape you can choose to keep your goatee short or grow it out a few inches or longer.

Heart Face Shape

Men with a heart face shape have foreheads and cheekbones that are wider than the jawline. Singer Justin Timberlake has a heart shaped face and chooses to enhance his features with a full beard and mustache while keeping his neck area shaved.

Triangular Face Shape

Men with a triangular face shape benefit from short beards since their forehead is narrower than the jawline. Singer Keith Urban wears a short beard frequently but occasionally lets it grow out. If you have a triangular face shape short beard styles are complimentary to your features.

Rectangular or Oblong Face Shape

Actor Ben Affleck wears a full thick beard to complement his oblong face shape. This style works well with a medium length haircut that balances out the face.

Beard Color

Men that grow out their beard are often surprised to find gray hair or other hair colors they didn’t expect to see. Generally, most men leave their beards alone and let the natural color speak for itself. However, some men prefer to match the color of their beard to their natural hair color. If you choose to color your beard there are a variety of products that will help you achieve the tone you desire.

If you choose to color your beard choose a color that compliments your skin tone and enhances your good looks. Choosing to color your hair with multi colors or creating a stripe might express your individuality but it can also make you look older. Usually darker colors such as brown and black are suitable for most men.

Now that you know the right beard style for you, it’s time to start letting your hair grow out. If you need further assistance determining your face shape and beard style consult with an experienced barber. Remember to keep your beard in good condition by purchasing Pacinos beard care products online or at your local Target store.