9 Ways to Care for Your Beard

Society has experienced years with men walking around clean shaven. But, times are changing and the beard has come back in style. The 1970’s is an excellent reference when it comes to beards. There are more than 30 beard styles to choose from. The most common beard styles are full beard, stubble, goatee, anchor, bandholz and ducktail. Since beards are here to stay, it’s time to learn how to take proper care of them. The following 9 ways to care for your beard will help you look your best.

1. Comb Your Beard

Comb your beard with a wide-tooth comb to help remove tangles. This process also helps remove debris such as food particles and sticky substances such as coffee and other liquids from your beard. You will be surprised how often your beard will collect crumbs and other substances. If you have a thick beard you should also follow up by using a brush to assure you remove all particles. Keeping your beard combed will help prevent embarrassing moments when in public.

2. Wash Your Beard

Your beard consists of strong coarse hair that needs to be specifically treated. Your regular shampoo is not going to help your beard too much. Also, standard shampoos often contain ingredients that dry your skin. Since the beard industry is booming, manufacturers are creating new and improved products that help men care for their beards properly. Shampoo’s that are specifically made for beards also treat your skin. Men that use standard shampoo are often surprised when their skin gets dried out and flakes begin to appear. These skin flakes show up in your beard and resemble dandruff. You can prevent this from happening by choosing a shampoo specifically made for beards.

3. Apply Oil to Your Beard

It’s not a secret that oil helps hair stay moisturized and looking it’s best. The true secret is finding the right oil for specific hair types. Since beards have course thick hair, a special oil formula specifically created for beards will be your best option. Beard oil also helps improve the condition of your skin by keeping it moisturized and healthy. Pacino's beard oil is made with tea tree oil which provides a multitude of benefits. Tea tree oil is known for its antibiotic properties that will help prevent skin infections, which is a common issue for some men that have beards. Pacinos beard oil is also an incredible hair softener that will keep your beard looking polished, shiny and healthy.

4. Skin Care Protection

As mentioned earlier some men experience skin infections under their beards. This happens when the skin is not taken care of properly or has a lack of exposure to fresh air due to being covered by strong, thick, black hair. Caring for your skin is important, but not complicated. A simple solution is using a beard and face scrub.

5. Trim Your Beard

There are more than 30 types of beard styles to choose from and it’s up to you to decide the best option. Once you choose a beard style, make sure you keep it in shape with regular trimming. Whether you choose a long or short style, always pay close attention to the mouth area. Trimming stray hairs so your lips are visible is recommended.

6. Shave Properly

Some men allow their beard to grow out for months or years without shaving any area of their face. While this is a freeing experience, shaving and sculpting your beard might come in handy to preserve the style you are wearing. Shaving specific sections to create a design or sculpt a beard to perfection is something almost every beard wearer experiences. Some men prefer to allow a professional to do the work, while others won’t let anyone touch their beard. If you are the ruler over your beard, you need shave properly. A cooling shaving gel is very useful during this process.

7. Focus on Your Neckline

The neckline is a common area that is ignored by men that have beards. The neckline needs to be cared for as frequently as the face. Using a beard and face scrub will help keep your skin in good condition. Shaving the neckline regularly is recommended along with using a shaving gel.

8. Remove Stray Hairs

As time goes forward and your beard grows into the style you desire, you will notice stray hairs will pop up along the way. Use a trim razor for accuracy. A trim razor often becomes a favorite tool that helps keep beards under control and looking great.

9. Keep it Clean

Combing, shampooing, conditioning, applying oil and trimming stray hairs helps to maintain your beard. However, if you ignore your beard or skip days, it can quickly grow into a disaster. Set a regular schedule to take care of your beard properly and give it the attention it needs. The frequency depends on the style and looks you desire.

Remember there are more than 30 different beard styles to choose from. You don’t have to settle on just one look. Keep your style fresh and new by trying a new beard style each season. Now that you know the best way to care for your beard, it’s time to take action. Pacinos offers a full line of men's hair grooming products that will keep your beard in excellent condition. Get started today!