10 Best Hairstyles for Men 2017

Men struggle with hair style choices more than people think. The face and hair are the two things people focus on when in your presence. Your hair style needs to suit your face shape, express your personality and be acceptable at work. Since many businesses have strict dress code guidelines, you might not be able to wear the style you truly want. The following top 10 best men hairstyles for 2017 will help you balance the line between casual and business.

1. Medium Length Hair with Short Sides

The medium length hair on top gives this style a modern look. The short sides are carefully executed. This style is good for long and oval face shapes. Young professionals and University students can go between casual and business with just a few drops of gel or Pacino’s sculpting wax crème.

2. Long Fringe with Side Part and Mid Fade

This style is versatile and can be styled to suit a variety of situations. Men that play sports or surf can keep it natural, while professionals can slick it back to suit their business attire.

 3. Thick Hair on Top 

Men with thick hair often don’t know what to do with it. Some prefer to grow it out and tie it back and others like to shave it all off. This modern men’s hairstyle keeps thick hair under control. However, sculpting wax crème is needed for proper styling.

4. Messy Long Hair

Some men prefer longer hairstyles because it suits their personality and lifestyle. This long messy style can change from messy to professional in a few seconds. Just slick back your hair for a professional look or let it flow free and wild on weekends and your days off. It’s the perfect balance between a professional style and expressing your individuality.  

5. The Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is an option for every man with any hair type. This cool style option is easy to care for and control. Frequent visits to the barber are required to keep this style looking perfect. The style is best complemented by a short beard style that suits your face shape.

6. Bohemian Style


Men that embrace their Bohemian lifestyle but still need to appear professional will benefit from this hair style. A little sculpting wax crème goes a long way with this unique style. The longer on top with short sides gives you styling options. Pairing it with a beard will add to the Bohemian style. Upkeep is easy too, just stop by the barber for a trim every few weeks.

7. Casual Business


Men with wavy hair will benefit most from this casual low-maintenance style. Hair product is required to help keep the hair styled and away from the eyes.

8. The Close Crop

Men with straight silky hair often have a difficult time keeping their hair in place. This short, layered style can be worn natural or styled with hair product. It can also be slicked back, parted on either side or allowed to flow in the wind. This versatile style will benefit men that have straight thin hair. 

9. Short Business Cut


Gray-haired men usually struggle with finding a style that suits their personality and hair color. Business men will benefit from this sophisticated professional short style. The short sides generally stay in place while a small amount of hair product keeps the top styled throughout the day.

10. The Short Cut

This edgy modern look is becoming increasingly popular among men of all ages and professions. The short sides and side part make you stand out from the crowd.

The Must-Have Hair Product

As you can see the styles shown above are versatile and can be managed with just a few hair products. One of the best products you can use is Pacino’s sculpting wax crème. This grooming sculpting wax crème is specifically made for men that need long-lasting definition and shine. It can be used on wavy, curly, straight and all other hair types.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

It might be difficult to look in the mirror and see your face shape. Sometimes you might think it is square when it really is oval. If you are not sure what your face shape is, get a soft flexible tape measure and get started following the directions below. Make sure to write down all of your measurements as you go along.

  • Face Length – Measure from the tip of your chin to the center of your hairline.
  • Forehead – Find the peak of your eyebrows. Place the tape measure on one peak and stretch it over to the other peak.
  • Jawline – Measure from below your ear where your jaw angles upwards to the tip of your chin. Then, multiply the measurement by two.
  • Cheekbones – Find the pointiest part of your cheek bone located below the outer corner of your eye. Then, stretch the tape measure across to the other point on the opposite side of your face.

Face Shapes

Use the face measurements to find your face shape below.

  • Round – You have a round face shape if your face length and cheekbones have a similar measurement but your jawline and forehead are larger. Another sign of a round face shape is a soft jaw line.
  • Triangular – You have a triangular face shape if the measurement of your forehead is larger than your cheekbones and jawline.
  • Diamond – You have a diamond face shape if your face measurements gradually get smaller starting with the forehead and ending with a pointy chin.
  • Heart – You have a heart shaped face shape if your forehead measures larger than your cheekbones and jawline and you have a pointy chin.
  • Rectangle – You have a rectangular face shape if your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead are similar in size and the length of your face is your greatest measurement.
  • Oval – You have an oval face shape if the angle of your jaw is rounded instead of sharp and your face length is greater than the width of your forehead and cheekbones but your forehead is great than the jawline.
  • Square – You have a square face shape if you have a sharp angled jaw and all other face measurements are similar.

Now that you have determined your face shape you can choose a hairstyle that suits you perfectly. Visit your barber and discuss in detail the hairstyle you prefer. Don’t forget to order Pacino’s Sculpting Wax Crème ahead of time so you can start styling your hair to perfection immediately.