Thinning Hair Guide

Thinning Hair Guide

A significant part of getting older is hair loss management, anything from small patches where hair doesn't grow back, balding or thinning hair. Different methods have been gaining popularity throughout the years, but most are expensive or hard to use. Finding the right products that are best for your hair takes a lot of research and testing, which not all of us might have time for. Taking that into consideration, we went ahead and did the research for you; here are different methods, including two products, that will help your hair appear fuller in your day to day life:

#1 Having the right hairstyle can help the appearance of your hair look fuller and with more texture. Also, the right hairstyle can help hide the appearance of balding spots or thinning hair.

  • Keeping the sides of your hair shorter and the top longer will help with the appearance of your hair look fuller, with the versatility of also being able to style your hair many different ways. For example, a neat professional side part, a messy and more casual style, or having your hair pushed back.
  • Stress doesn't help hair growth, so if you feel like you are stressing too much over your bald spots, or work in a high stress environment, consider taking a break. Even though getting a buzz cut or fully shaving your head can be a really extreme change, the worries of hiding or maintaining your hair will be gone, and you can enjoy not taking as much care of your hair as previously. This may give you some perspective of what might be causing your hair management to be so difficult and what changes to make as it grows back. 

#2 Because styling balding hair has never been an easy task, wearing a hat or cap is the go-to option. A great way to deal with this is to use lighter products that will enhance the volume and texture of your hair, for example: our Pacinos' Volumizing Matte Powder.

  • Pacinos Volumizing Matter Powder is the perfect product for a fuller and thicker hair look for more everyday use.
  • Applying this invisible powder can create a fuller effect on your hair by adding volume, texture and hold to your hairstyle. Moreover, you can also use this powder to absorb oils in the hair for a more matte and clean look without washing your hair.
  • Making sure you evenly distribute the product into the hair using your fingers is crucial for this product to work perfectly with your hair.

#3 Toupees and temporary hair pieces are usually very common and definitely effective if done right.

  • Recently, toupees have been gaining popularity around the world. They work as a partial hairpiece used to cover baldness or the appearance of thinning hair.
  • Depending on the quality, toupees can sometimes not be economically friendly, as some high-quality ones range from one hundred to several thousand dollars.
  • They can also be difficult to apply and you might need a second hand, but if applied right, it can hide all the imperfections without anyone noticing.

#4 Without resorting to wearing wigs/toupees, hats, or having a hair transplant, thinning hair and bald spots are hard to hide. By using Pacinos Hair Fiber Kit,covering those spots is way less dangerous and easier to apply right from the comfort of your home or barbershop.

  • Hair fibers are minuscule lightweight fibers that are made out of keratin protein that can be applied to either your hair or scalp to hide the appearance of balding spots or thinning hair. By using Pacinos Hair Fiber Kit, you will cover your bald spots with clump-free fibers for a real hair effect and natural, undetectable finish. 
  • This product may be used for thinning hair, patchy spots, or on any desired areas. Your hair will look full all day and night long by pumping a small amount of product.
  • To end it off, to seal the look, spraying Pacinos Freeze Spray or any hairspray onto your hair will ensure that it lasts as long as it can on your hair.

Caring about the details and wanting to cover up bald spots is nothing to be ashamed of. A lot can be achieved using only a small amount of these products, like boosting your hair and confidence to a whole new level. In conclusion, a part of getting older is losing and thinning hair, but that does not mean you can't rock the appearance of fuller and thicker hair every day. 

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