Grooming Essentials

Grooming Essentials

Your grooming routine is an essential part of everyday life, whether you’re on the way to your first meeting or headed to the gym. We've curated a collection of essential grooming products that will help you get ready quickly and easily.

#1 Matte Paste

Give your hair a medium hold with our timeless matte paste. Ideal for most hair types, this product provides volume and texture to create a long-lasting defined look. It’s water-soluble to easily wash out of your hair, but it holds well enough to be restyled without a loss of effectiveness.

#2 Shave Gel

Our Cooling shaving gel is formulated to protect your skin from dryness and dirt, keeping it cool throughout the entire shaving process. The formula also contains aloe, to help moisturize your skin during and after the shave. This clear gel creates an ultra-soft feeling on your face that makes it easier to shave with less irritation.

#3 Beard & Face Scrub

Pacinos Beard & Face Scrub cleans and exfoliates the skin without drying, adding moisture to beard and skin for a smooth, soft feel. It is also infused with coconut, bamboo and walnut micro-particles to provide a deep clean. Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil provide deep moisture that will leave skin spotless.

#4 Styling Gel

Style your hair with this gel which is formulated with water-soluble ingredients. Pacinos Styling Gel will provide an all day hold without the dry flakes and build up. It dries with a strong hold so you can rest assured that your hair will be in place all day. 

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