Volumizing Powders

Volumizing Hair Powders

Volumizing Matte Powder

This powder sets invisibly onto hair to create amazing volume and texture with a matte finish, creates a fuller effect. Pacinos Matte Powder can also be used to revamp your hair style and absorb unwanted oil to give your hair a cleaner, fresher appearance without washing your hair.

Matte Texture Powder

Pacinos Texture Powder for Hair Styling - Lightweight & Seamless Root Lifting Powder - Matte Finish & Dry Look - Adds Extra Texture, Volume & Thickness - Shaker Bottle for Easy Styling.

Mattifying Boost Powder

Pacinos Mattifying Boost Powder for Hair Styling - Texture & Root Lifting Volume Powder for Hair - Seamless, Matte Finish, Oil Control & No Clumps - No Mess Pump for Better Precision and Fuller Effect.

How To Use Our Powders

STEP 1: Dry Your Hair

For maximum volume, use on clean, dry hair.

STEP 2: Apply Product

After shaking the container, pump or shake the powder over your hair, making sure it gets to the roots.

STEP 3: Style It

Style with fingertips until you have reached your preferred volume and textured look.

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"I have been using different hair products for volume and hold such as clays and others, but I was never satisfied. I tried this product and it perfectly worked. The powder is very easy to apply (wouldn't take one minute) and it gives instant results. If you're looking for a product that is easy to apply, doesn't have a bad smell, and gives a strong hold and volume with a matte finish then this is the perfect product for you."

Darrel & Ashley Lankford

"On comparison to the other liquid texturizing sprays, this is hands done far superior. Great matte, great grip, great texture, great all-around. As someone with thick & coarse Asian hair, this could virtually be used without the use of an additional product."


"I have always had thin, longer hair and use a pomade to style it but after trying this for a couple of weeks I don’t plan on going back. I like the ease of use and the way it holds my hair and looks like nothing is there. Highly recommend."

Michael Pedro

"Easy to use powder that disappears once placed in your hair, and gives you much more volume and fluff compared to normal! Holds well even without hairspray."